Team Mojo

Listen up, folks! Here at “Team Mojo,” we know we’re not your average bunch, and that’s what makes us awesome! Our greatest strength lies in embracing our differences – our unique backgrounds, experiences, and ways of thinking. We truly believe that to create products that rock for everyone, we’ve gotta have everyone on board. So, yeah, we’re all about inclusivity and making sure every voice is heard! 🌈 🤝

Sneha D

Founder & CEO

Roy George

Co-Founder & COO


Co-Founder & CMO

Anu Antony

HRM & Admin

Palani Venkatesh

Sr . Full Stack Developer

Sajeer Bin Saleem

Sr . Full Stack Developer

Munwar Basha Shaik

Cloud Support Engineer

Maria John

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Sanjay Chaudhary

Sr Flutter Developer

Maclin Marshal


Vishnu KV

Jr Software Developer

Abhijeet Laute

Sr. Flutter Developer